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Gifts for Athletes

Gifts for Athletes


Around celebration dates including birthdays, weddings etc.  Most of us get frustrated with having to think up new gifts for our loved ones. If they have a specific love or a hobby they do on a weekly basis this can be a little easier to figure out. If fitness is one of their passions there are many wonderful gifts on the market nowadays to discover and there is something for everyone.


1-The Jaybird Wireless headphones


The Jaybird brand all come with anti-sweat and are totally waterproof which is an added bonus depending on your chosen activity. They offer a minimum of 8 hours battery life and now with the app you can customise your sound settings.

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2-The Asics Glider Ride Trainer


The new arrival from Asics comes in 5 different colours and looks wise are very impressive. Asics continues to be one of the top choices in trainers for so many kinds of sports. Netball  being top priority and also running. They are sturdy and with improved cushioning reduces muscle load when the foot strikes


3-Sports Socks


Never underestimate the strength of wearing a good pair of socks whether you’re exercising or going for a job interview.  These can be the difference of looking swish or being left in pain, check out these socks from No Cold Feet, with such a fabulous collection, you are sure to find something for a perfect gift. There has never been a better time for buying socks thanks to better materials and anti-moisture technologies. There’s a perfect pair of socks out there for everyone.

4-Whey Protein


For many athletes they see this as being the most important item in their kit bag. Used correctly this can be your best friend. We all need protein to exercise to our best abilities but most of all we need it for recovery and muscle growth without it we would not perform to the best of our abilities. Whey protein is quickly absorbed into the body and is deal as a post workout recovery supplement


5-Foam Roller


Recovery after any exercise is as important as the workout itself. As well as helping your muscles feel better post workout or injury these foam rollers can help with mobility to help with your next session. They come in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your individual needs. They help to soothe tense parts of the body, ideal for cross training exercises and an added bonus they are small and can be moved and put away easily



These are just a few of the generous choices of workout gear available now online and instore. We have never been so spoiled. But as always these gifts are not always cheap so do shop around and get the best gift for you.


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