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How Squat Workouts Can Keep You in Shape During Lockdown

How Squat Workouts Can Keep You in Shape During Lockdown

Several countries across the world right now are in lockdown to help combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19 disease). These are certainly troubling times, but that doesn’t mean your fitness goals should be tossed out the window. Squat workouts are generally quick and easy exercises that can be carried out at home.

5 easy things you can do to make squats way more effective

PowerGym Fitness is a supplier of high-end commercial fitness products suitable for gyms and home setups. In this article they talk us through the benefits of squat exercises and how a V squat machine can take your fitness strategy to a whole new level.

What's the Point of a Squat Workout?

Squats are one of the most common types of exercises and as a compound exercise, it’s guaranteed to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. This workout is a popular choice for people of all fitness levels and experiences as it’s relatively simple to perform and can be done anywhere without the use of equipment. The basics of a squat involve lowering the hips from a standing position towards the floor, and then returning to the standing position. With all that said, like any exercise, proper form is essential. If you make mistakes such as leading with your knees, hunching your back or lifting your heels off the floor will not only decrease the effectiveness of the workout but also increase the risk of injury. There are also variations to the squats that you perform. For instance, you may wish to add weights or alternate how you move your arms as you squat.

So what are the reasons for people choosing to do squats? Truth is, while you may never have focused on it as being an exercise before, squatting is a natural human movement that we develop from an early age. Everyday tasks such as picking something up from the floor can be considered a squat. The key difference, of course, is using proper form and repeating squats one after another to achieve maximum results. As mentioned earlier, one of the best benefits is that it is a compound exercise. With such a simple movement you will be strengthening several of your muscles at once. They target areas such as quads, glutes, hamstrings, thighs and calves. In doing a squat exercise, you also find yourself improving your balance and stability. It’s believed that regular squats can also allow you to run for longer and harder, and there are suggestions that it will make you more likely to remain mobile in your older years.

Go the Next Level With a V Squat Machine

As commercial equipment specialists, PowerGym Fitness knows what it takes to deliver products that achieve results and look the part in any professional gym or home setup. One of PowerGym’s flagship products is dedicated to the V squat workout. The V Squat Machine is perhaps one of the best in its class and can be purchased for just £1,349.99 – or with 0% finance.

This V Squat Machine has been designed to enhance the benefits of a normal squat while reducing the risks that the exercise can cause. The machine pivots in a way that keeps the lower back out of the equation; an excellent design consideration for anyone unable to squat normally due to back problems. This machine’s focus is clearly on getting the best out of the leg movement, allowing you to build the strongest lower body you could possibly desire.

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