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Meet German Windsurfer Anne Stevens

Meet German Windsurfer Anne Stevens
Anne talks to WSR about life and Windsurfing

4, What is your favorite windsurfing spot?
The Dutch coast, it’s very close to my hometown. I like to go to Cape Town on Holiday (SA)

5, At what age were you when you had your first windsurfing experience?
When I was 25 years old. That sounds very old, but I think you are never to old to start something new.

7, Did your parents encourage you to take up the sport?
No, because they never windsurfed they can’t understand what is so exiting about this sport. I earned my own money when I first started so they didn’t’ have to support me financially.
1, When and why did you start windsurfing?
I get seasick but I like the ocean and always when I saw Windsurfers I knew I wanted to do that. Finally after I finished my studies in 1991 I managed to start with this wonderful sport.

2, When did you compete in your first race?
In 1999 I had contact via email with the PWA and on Sylt (GER) I competed in my first ever race and at the same time I was in my first World Cup

3, Your best result so far?
5th Place World Cup on Fuerteventura (ESP) 2002 (I was in the top 10 for 3 years)
6, Did you enjoy it straight away or did it take you a while to realise that this was the sport for you?
Yes I actually knew straight away that this would be the sport for me. I did do a lot of other sports at that time; tennis, badminton, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, but windsurfing is simply the best.

8, Were there a lot of girls taking up Windsurfing at the time?
When I started Windsurfing there were not many girls practicing this sport, so I always had to hang around with the guys. Now I know a lot of girls, but when I go windsurfing on my home spot there are still only 2-3 girls on the Water.

9, Is windsurfing seen as a male sport in some countries and were you ever compared to them.? Yes, it is a male sport and I think it will always be, but this is no reason not to enjoy the sport. It is so much fun and I think the girls have no problem hanging around with all the good-looking guys.

10. Have you ever had any major injuries ?
No, Windsurfing looks very spectacular but there are not many serious accidents.
11. Can you earn good money or do you have to rely on Sponsorship?
I think if you are in the top 5 you can earn a bit of money, but it is nothing compared to what the man get. Sponsorship is a very difficult subject for women. I think, this is one of the reasons there are not many girls taking part on the PWA Tour.

12, Do you enjoy any other sports?
I Would like to play more sports, but I don’t have the time right now

13, How do you feel this season has gone?
I didn´t have the time to do much training, so I only took part in two contests and it didn’t work very well.
14, Have you ever tried any extreme sports?
Except Windsurfing No!
15, What are your future plans in Windsurfing?
To enjoy being on the Water as often as possible and try to support women in windsurfing.
16, What do you enjoy doing when you are not windsurfing?
Taking rests from my job as an Architect and meeting with friends
17, Do you ever take part in any modelling?
No, I was never really interesting in doing that.
18 Can you give 2 tips to other girls who would like to start WS?
Go to a good windsurfing school
Take light equipment and you will improve much faster
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