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More and more women are playing live casino online

Just like we’ve seen in many other sports and games, women have faced adversity to claim the right to be taken seriously as players. Black Jack tournaments have traditionally been an  all-male environment but, in the last few decades, some great female poker players have been making waves.

The general feeling is always that gambling is a man’s thing. There are women who stand out as Blackjack players and even proved to be stiff competition to their male counterparts.

Angie Hardy

At the age of 30 Angie Hardy is a single mum of two girls and has earned the nickname “Angie Moneymaker”. Hardy is a good player but since she hasn’t been around the gambling scene for long one can hardly call her a full time professional gambler. She became known when she appeared on the World Series of Blackjack.

Monica Reeves

Monica Reeves is an exception to this rule. Instead of counting cards to manipulate the house edge like most clandestine professionals, then writing books to brag about her skills and exploit her fame, Monica made her name in the blackjack tournament realm. Born in 1972, Monica grew up in a family where family game night was a cherished form of entertainment. As a young girl, she was taught everything from Go Fish to Five Card Draw.

Cathy Hulbert

From New York City, Cat emerged as one of the remarkable women in Blackjack game. From the money she made from gambling, she paid for her college fee. Cathy was determined to learn her technique and given the chance, she did. She played all over Europe making huge wins in Blackjack until she finally went back to Poker. She had started off gambling in Poker and had only learnt Blackjack as a means for survival.

There are definitely more opportunities for women to play blackjack nowadays, and the industry is improving for females all the time. Check out this in depth Campobet review. a trusted online gambling site offering fun sports betting, poker, and casino games. 

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