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Soccer Records That Cannot Be Broken

Soccer Records That Cannot Be Broken

Soccer is one of the well-known sports and it is most people’s favourites. From adults to kids so many people have role models who are soccer stars. Although we have a lot of great players who have done different things that made them known. We have people who have made records in history that will never be broken.  We are going to look at those records that cannot be broken in history.

Most Goals in A Calendar Year

91 goals in a year is enough to put you in the record books. We have so many great players out there and some will come forward too. But it will take a long shot to be able to do what Lionel Messi did. He holds the record for scoring 91 goals in a calendar year did you know at australian casino you can bet on your favourite player. In 69 matches for both Barcelona and Argentina. That is a great record to beat.

Youngest Player In A Professional Match

Unlike in other sports where you can start at a tender age. In soccer, you need to be that great to be able to make it.  Mauricio Baldivieso holds the record of being the youngest player in a professional match. At the age of 12, this young player was already playing for Club Aurora.

Most Red Cards

Those who understand soccer know once or twice you may make a mistake enough to get you a red card. But when they become 46 in one’s career it becomes too much, hence most of at mlb betting sites people were betting on the players with most red cards. Gerardo Bedoya has the most number of red cards in soccer history. His violent behavior has made him be seen as a mad man as he could lash out often and the result was him sent off from the field.

Highest Attendance In A Single Match

It is the fans that make the soccer match exciting. They are there to cheer and motivate the players to do well. Although there is a limit to the number of people that can be in a stadium for just one match. That was not the case in 1950 during a final World Cup match between Brazil and Uruguay. The Maracana stadium was filled up with 99,854 fans watching the game. 

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