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Sophie Denis - Climber and Motivationalist

Sophie discovered climbing in 2006. She started off small, with Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world, located in Ecuador. It was magical - astonishing. She saw the world upside down. It was the most beautiful thing she has ever  seen. That is how she fell in love with mountaineering. 

Since then, she has  climbed over 30 peaks all over the world, mainly in South America, including 7 climbing ascents that had never been climbed by a female before.


In late 2010, aged 30, her dream to reach the sky from the highest peaks in the world, motivated her to leave her banking career to live her climbing passion. A year later, she became a world top-ranked mountaineer and set a new climbing world record. That is to say that she was successful in taking on the nearly impossible challenge of climbing 4 mountains above 8000m (26,000ft) in only five months. However, with Sophie, “Everything Is Possible”.



Her Climbing Philosophy

Sophie never wanted to conquer Mount Everest or any mountains but rather be part of something which will touch her soul.


Her philosophy is taking it day by day and enjoying it.  “It may seem out of context, but when you are climbing, you evoke happiness to fight anxiety, negative thoughts and fatigue with a minimal amount of energy spent.” She said


Empowering Women

Her motto "Everything Is possible" is her legacy. It allows her to think beyond the norm, take initiative and perform extraordinary endeavors with a high level of confidence.

Through her performance, she hopes to instill awareness in the individual , endless possibility and aspiration to realize their dreams. Sophie’s motivations are genuine as she continues her quest to be a role model and inspire people to climb their own Mount Everest.


“I want to inspire man and woman to be who they want to be. And if they don’t feel the strength or the confidence to make the change, I hope that in my fearless petite person and story, they will find the strength and the confidence to do so”

Starting this spring, Sophie will attempt to climb 6 of the highest mountains in the world. We wish Sophie our best of luck!


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