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The Growth of Women’s Poker




When the sport of poker first burst onto the scene it was widely considered to be a man’s game and the thought of women competing on the same stage was openly frowned upon by both competitors and organisers.

There has since been a perceptual shift where it’s not only become socially acceptable for women to play poker, but major tournaments (such as the World Series of Poker) have begun hosting ‘women-only’ events to accommodate for the growing market.

The growth of women in poker has been seen in both offline and online casinos. In both instances, the women have shown their competitive sides and have displayed some of the best poker moves in the history of the sport.

A key milestone for women’s poker was the first ladies event in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), hosted in 1977. This $100 buy-in Ladies Seven Card Stud match saw Jackie Daniels claim victory and make a mark in poker history.

Since then WSOP have expanded their ladies events into this year’s World Series of Poker Europe tournament. Speaking on the topic, WSOP Executive Ty Stewart announced that “we need to do more to promote ladies involvement with the game and with the many breakout stars in the region, it feels like a women’s European championship is long overdue.


The 2013 International Gaming Awards recently named Pokerstars the Online Poker Operator of the Year. In the early 2000’s Pokerstars.com introduced a Pokerstars Women feature to their brand. Pokerstars Women offers news, promotions and a VIP club exclusively to women. In addition to this, 11 of the world’s best female players have been given the highly sought after place on Team PokerStars, showing the enormous step forward women have made in po

The future looks bright for women’s poker. As more women get involved in the game, it is inevitable that we will see more victories on the international stage being claimed by female players. Who knows, maybe in the near future a female player will scoop the world top spot.


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