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VegfestUK London-Aldo Zilli among guests


We are delighted to announce that TV Presenter Wendy Turner Webster and former model turned charity founder Victoria Eisermann are heading up the UK’s first beauty / bodycare section at the very first VEGAN trade show in the UK.

TV Presenter Wendy Turner-Webster and Model & Charity Founder Victoria Eisermann head up bodycare section of UK's first Vegan Trade show

Area features New Brands Showcase and discussions on how to avoid products tested on animals, plus a free head & shoulder massage session on Oct 20th at Olympia

As the awareness of the cruelty involved in animal testing surfaces increasingly to the mainstream, and innovative cruelty-free alternatives free from the use of animals begin to proliferate, the public now have access to a wealth of ethically produced bodycare and beauty products to choose from, as well as a plethora of campaign materials to educate themselves on the subject.

The Vegan Bodycare Pavilion at the UK’s first vegan Trade show VegfestUK Trade will showcase a large number of brands of cruelty-free vegan bodycare and beauty whilst highlighting the contentious issues of animal testing and avoiding non-vegan ingredients in the world of cosmetics in a series of thought-provoking and enlightening panel discussions.

Amongst the special guests in this section are TV presenter Wendy Turner-Webster (best known for presenting Pet Rescue and Crafty Beggars) and K-9 Angel co-founder Victoria Eisermann.

Wendy and Victoria have a host of experience in the world of animal-free bodycare and cosmetics and they are delighted to be co-hosting the bodycare section of the Trade show this year. Joining Wendy and Victoria are representatives from the Naturewatch Foundation, Animal Aid and The Body Shop, who will be discussing how to avoid cosmetic products that are tested on animals.

Wendy says:

Being vegan is such a huge growing trend and it does extend to much more than what we eat. I am delighted to be hosting the Vegan Skincare Pavilion with Victoria and looking forward to hearing what the experts say… and trying all the new vegan friendly beauty products!”

Victoria says:

 “With more and more awareness so many people are turning to vegan and cruelty free beauty and skincare products. I love trying these for my blog and can’t wait to see more at VegfestUK in October!”

Bodycare and beauty products are almost as prevalent and essential as water and air in our society, with everyone making an effort to look and smell their smartest in their bid to stand out from the crowd. However, some bodycare companies do test on animals or include animal-based ingredients in their products.

For those who are striving to avoid products involving the use of animals in all walks of their lives, how do they ensure that our coveted makeup, lipsticks, deodorants and nail varnishes are ethically produced with no exploitation of animals involved?

Bodycare and beauty products that are free from animal testing, however, do not necessarily mean that they are vegan. So how do we ensure that our products are vegan and in particular what ingredients do we need to look out for in our checking? Jessamy Korotoga, Animal Aid’s vivisection campaigner, explains further the necessary steps that consumers should take to get the peace of mind that the products in question are 100% vegan.

Delegates seeking the newest vegan bodycare brands to stock will enjoy the New Brands Showcase which features up-and-coming ethical vegan brands such as Buddha Beauty, Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods, Funky Skincare and Living Naturally.

There will also be a New Product Launch session including a series of new vegan lipbalms from the UK’s first hemp company Yaoh, who are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year in style with a rebrand.

Finally, delegates looking to unwind near the end of a long day at the Trade show can enjoy a free head-and-shoulder massage session kindly provided by the [email protected] team, who will no doubt put everyone at ease and relax plenty of tensions in the joints with their expert team of masseuses.

VegfestUK Trade consists of up to 160 stalls with cutting edge vegan products and Trade special offers, plus 5 other featured areas hosting around 40 panel discussions covering many aspects of vegan businesses, namely a Vegan Health Clinic tailored to healthcare professionals, a Vegan Business Support for independent business owners, an Independent Retailers Lounge aimed at those working in retailing, a Plant-Based Chefs Corner with plant-based recipe ideas for those in catering and hospitality, and a Vegan Celebrity Zone for media and PR professionals.

Trade and Media professionals can now register to attend for free at www.trade.vegfest.co.uk/registration

Small business owners are especially encouraged to attend the show where they can network with like-minded entrepreneurs, attend workshops on all aspects of managing and growing a business whilst tapping into the expanding vegan market.

For the latest event updates, visit the show website www.trade.vegfest.co.uk or follow the Facebook event page here.

The show organisers extend massive thanks to the show sponsors Bute Island Foods, So Free Chocolate and Yaoh.

We are delighted to announce our exciting news about our expert plant based chefs at the UK’s FIRST vegan trade show and we hope that you would like to share our news too.

Director and Presenter for VegfestUK: https://london.vegfest.co.uk

Innovative Chefs to Dazzle Vegan-Hungry Delegates with Plant-Based Cuisine at UK's FIRST Vegan Trade Show

Aldo Zilli, Christine Bailey, Ben Asamani, Nishma Shah among industry experts discussing best ways of incorporating plant-based dishes into mainstream catering.

A number of experts from the catering trade will be showcasing the delights of plant-based cooking as well as offering their insights into how best to integrate vegan meals into the major catering and hospitality trades, at the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade show VegfestUK Trade on Friday October 20th 2017 at Olympia London.

Amongst the experts present at the Plant-Based Chefs Corner are:

Italian chef and Soho Radio host Aldo Zilli, alongside nutritionist, chef and author Christine Bailey, vegan caterer Shambhu’s founder Nishma Shah, 222 Veggie Vegan restaurant head chef Ben Asamani, Vantra restaurant founder and manager Lenny Phong, Amico Bio organic vegetarian Italian restaurant head chef Pasquale Amico, Tofurky chairman and founder Seth Tibbott, as well as vegan cheese maker Mel Rogers from Mel’s Kindness Kitchen.

Radio presenter, author and chef to the A listers Aldo Zilli specialises in Italian and vegetarian cuisine. Award-winning chef and restaurateur Aldo says;

Catering for vegans and those that eat a plant based diet is an art form, and a specialised area, and as one of the first people to open a restaurant in the UK to cater for plant based diets, I know all about it.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my secrets, experiences and recipes with you at the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade and Media show, VegfestUK Trade on Friday Oct 20th at Olympia.’’

This area of this inaugural event is tailored to those working in the catering and hospitality trades and the growing Cafe Culture movement.

The Corner will include a Vegan Mylk and Latte workshop, looking at the use of plant “milks” in lattes and other caffeinated drinks.

A Vegan Meat session dissecting the different varieties of plant meats available in the market nowadays.

A Vegan Cheese Making and Blind Tasting Workshop

A Vegan Pastries, Cakes and Desserts session involving the making of veganised versions of the traditional favourites for every sweet tooth.

An Italian masterclass demonstrating how Italian cuisine lends itself well to vegan cooking

An Optimum Nutrition Vegan Options panel dissecting which vegan options are best for those looking for meals to power them through their hectic lifestyles in the long run.

A panel discussion where industry experts from the vegan circles discuss the do’s and don’ts of catering for vegans in restaurants, cafes and other eateries as well as what vegans are looking for most when eating out.

It is the aim of the show organisers that delegates attending the Plant-Based Chefs Corner will take away lots of delicious vegan recipes and useful ideas for incorporating vegan editions of everyday favourites into their own catering and hospitality businesses, thus providing the public with an ever-growing repertoire of vegan options everywhere and making it easier for them to choose more compassionate vegan consumer choices 3 times a day.

The Plant-Based Chefs Corner is far from the be all and end all of VegfestUK Trade.

Other featured areas of interest to Trade and Media professionals include a Vegan Celebrity Zone with some of the biggest names in the vegan scene right now, a Vegan Health Clinic where leading health authorities discuss plant-based nutrition, a Vegan Business Support lounge tailored to independent business owners and startups, an Independent Retailers Lounge where retailers can learn about effectively accessing the growing vegan market, and a Vegan Bodycare Pavilion showcasing the major vegan bodycare and beauty brands.

There will also be up to 160 stalls packed with cutting-edge vegan products and one-off Trade special offers which are ideal for stockists attending the event.

VegfestUK Trade is open from 10am - 6pm on Friday October 20th 2017 at Olympia London Central Hall on Level 1.


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