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WCBS TV Long Island Correspondent

WCBS-TVs Long Island correspondent, Jennifer McLogan, has reported both captivating local news stories and sports coverage in her successful career. After receiving an honors B.A. from the University of Michigan and an M.F.A. from Brandeis University, McLogan worked for CBS affiliate WBBM-TV in Chicago and for NBC Network News where she reported for The NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and NBC Sportsworld. During this time, she received both national and local Emmys as well as awards from the Associated Press.

Her sports-fanatic passion started long before her success as a reporter. At the University of Michigan, McLogan was a letter winner on the very first NCAA varsity basketball team from 73-75. While attending Brandeis University, she participated on the swim team. Her athletic abilities have helped her to bond with her family as she admits to going out into the driveway to shoot hoops with her kids and even her husband.

Jennifer McLogan was considered a serious athlete in the beginning of female collegiate teams, even before most females participated in college sports. Nowadays many girls participate in sports and continue to do so through their college careers. Womensportreport.com strives to raise the level of awareness for female athletes and the media attention they receive. Being the largest global womens sports magazine, the online issue reaches many female athletes and encourages others to go for the goal!

Looking closely at McLogan, whose sports career was not highlighted by the media, may further show young female athletes how recognition has changed for women in the sports world.  Both Womensportreport.com and McLogan focus on media and sports. McLogan has participated in and given media attention to sports in her life and is the perfect person to explain the struggles female athletes face and how their acceptance in the media has changed drastically.

McLogan personifies what it is to be a strong woman with an athletic background.Watch this space where we will write more about Jennifer and how to motivate girls and young women to strive for the best and achieve!
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